Wireless Bluetooth Adapter AUX Audio Radio Cable For VOLVO C S V XC 30 40 50 60 70 80 US

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Package Includes
1 x bluetooth Adapter Aux cable

1. Function via bluetooth-enabled devices.
2. Allows you to connect an external audio source.
3. Pair your phone with our bluetooth module, and choose Aux from your radio.
4. Easy to install.

For Volvo C30
For Volvo S40
For Volvo V40
For Volvo V50
For Volvo S60
For Volvo S70
For Volvo C70
For Volvo V70
For Volvo XC70
For Volvo S80
For Volvo XC90

1. Name: bluetooth AUX Cable
2. Model: C06507
3. Material: ABS
4. Color: Black+Gray
5. Length: As picture shown

Adapter works only with radio models that have an AUX button on the front of the radio. Some radios have to keep AUX engage fresh. The activation of the AUX input is necessary in a for Volvo workshop.

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