Backlight Illumination Light Bulbs Lamps for VOLVO Dash Instrument Gauge Cluster XC90 V70 C S80

  • $ 29.95


This is your opportunity to purchase a full set of (9) Brand New replacement lamps for your VOLVO's Driver Information Display (DIM)


Package Contents:

(9 qty) Incandescent Wedge Lamps (plastic socket not included)


Installation Process:

1) Twist bulb-socket counter-clockwise to remove from device,

2) Pull old bulb out of socket

3) Push new bulb into socket

4) Twist plastic socket into device turning clockwise.


For Fitment To:

2000-2007 VOLVO Instrument Panels


Replacement For:

GRAY (Toshiba V2), BLACK (Stanley) and BLUE (Toshiba V-2) color sockets.


VOLVO retail on these bulbs is over $11/each so save money buying from us! We offer a service to repair your VOLVO's DIM, and light bulb replacement is standard with this repair. 

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