OBD Advanced Real Time OBD2 OBDII ELM327 Android Radio Bluetooth Diagnostic Scan Torque Tool for Eonon

  • $ 39.95

OBD2 Bluetooth Interface for Android 10/9.0/8.1/8.0/7.1 car stereo, such as Eonon GA9498 GA9498B GA9480A GA9465 GA9465B GA9463 GA9463B GA9453 GA9453B GA9451 GA9451B GA9450 GA9450B GA9449 GA9398 GA9380 GA9365 GA9363 GA9353 GA9351 GA9350 GA9350B GA9349 GA9250B GA9265B GA9253B GA9251B GA9298B GA9301B GA9263B GA9163K GA9173K GA9150B GA9165B GA9201B GA9198B GA9165A GA9180A GA9201A GA9173A GA9166A GA8151 GA8157 GA8153 GA8166 GA8173 GA8163US GA8201 GA8180 GA8150A GA8198 GA8164 GA8150A GA8201A GA2168K GA8200 GA2188 GA2187 GA2186 GA2180A GA2168 GA2178 GA2177 GA2176. etc.

Note: Please install Torque app on the Android head unit before using it. (Go directly to the Google Store to download the Torque app)


  • Output interface: Bluetooth
  • Color: Blue
  •  LED Indicator
  • Operating Voltage: 12V
  •  Operating current: 45mA
  • Part Number V0056 

Eonon V0056 OBD2 & Android 8.0 Unit Connection Instructions:



Eonon V0056 OBD2 & Android 7.1 & Octa-Core Unit Connection Instructions:



Eonon V0056 OBD2 & Android 7.1 & Quad-Core Unit Connection Instructions:


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