Upgrade Flashlight LED Bulb for BMW E36 Glove Box XPG2 Non-Polarity E10 Screw Base

  • $ 24.95

Upgrade Maximum 9V 303 Lumen E10 XPG2 LED, Screw Bulb Base. Voltage range: 2v to 9v - Non-Polarity


Fits the removable BMW Glove Box Rechargeable Flashlight black or white with the screw-in

Bulb Flashlight Part No. 63316962052 see pictures above


Light Beam Color: White Light


Fits for BMW 3, 5, 6, 7-Series & X3 X5 Models

BMW E30 3 Series 316, 318i, 325, 325e, 325i, 325is, 325ix, M3  (1984-1991)
BMW E28 5 Series 528e, 535i, 535is, M5  (1982-1987)
BMW E24 6 Series 633csi, 635csi, M6  (1982-1984)
BMW E23 7 Series 733i, 735i  (1982-1984)
BMW E46 3 Series Sedan, Touring, Coupe, Convertible (1999-2005)
BMW E39 5 Series Sedan (1996-2003)
BMW E38 7 Series Sedan (1995-2001)
BMW E90 3 Series Sedan (2006-2011)
BMW E91 3 Series Wagon (2006-2011)
BMW E92 3 Series Coupe (2007-2013)
BMW E60 5 Series Sedan (2004-2010)
BMW E63 6 Series Coupe (2004-2010)
BMW E64 6 Series Convertible (2004-2010)
BMW E65, E66 7 Series Sedan (2002-2008)
BMW E83 X3 SAV (2004-2010)
BMW E53 X5 SAV (2000-2006)
BMW E52 Z8 Roadster (2000-2006)



  • Replacement bulb only, does not include the Flashlight!
  • Not suitable for other 12v automotive fittings; for the glove box removable flashlight only
  • Universal interchangeable bulb or devices between 2v to 9v with screw base
  • Produces a Floodlight pattern type beam
  • Versatile: can be used in other equipment with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 AAA, AA, C or D cell alkaline & rechargeable or  3LR12 batteries & Sealed Lead Acid batteries

Overall bulb length: 22mm
Diameter: approx. 9.8mm at the top and 9.2mm at the bottom screw part



  • Works with standard 2-Cell, to 6-cell flashlights with Screw Bulb
  • Consistent bright white light even when batteries are low, much nicer than the yellow hue of filament bulbs
  • Electronics inside each bulb regulate the power from the batteries to maintain a non-dimming light
  • Extends battery life, Lifetime bulb rated at 50,000 hours use, never buy a bulb again. The incandescent lamp lasts  about 20/30 hours
  • Helpfully our LED (unlike many others) is NOT polarity specific. It will work whichever way the batteries are connected and if they are reversed in error. Many LEDs only work with the batteries one way around; ours works both ways so no re-wiring is necessary and which is not always possible
  • Works with Alkaline, NiMh and NiCd (rechargeable) batteries 
  • More reliable & dependable: shock resistant, not like easily broken incandescent bulbs
  • Easy to fit, a straight swap - utilises the original reflector. Produces a wide flood pattern beam in the BMW Flashlight, not so narrow directional.  Beam patterns will vary depending on the type of reflector used


Package Included:

1PCS Upgrade Bulb XPG2 E10 Screw Base LED

We are selling LED Bulb only, the Glove Box Flashlight in picture as an application scenario instruction, not included for sale.

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