Universal Magnetic Wheel Alignment Gauge Tool for Car Truck Camber Castor Strut

  • $ 49.95

This adjustable equipment allows you to return the strut to the original camber position after dismantling and re-assembling the suspension or to check the amount of camber change before re-installing.



1. Measures the Camber and Caster angle on the wheel hub or brake disc
2. Suitable for accurate checking of the castor and camber angle
3. Has a simple leveling adjustment from -5 degrees to 5 degrees
4. Magnetic gauge attaches to the hub or disc brake
5. Allows adjustment to maintain correct wheel alignment and even tyre wear
6. Time and money saving device
7. Easy to read and convenient to operate


Package Included

1 x Magnetic Alignment Camber Castor Gauge

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