SANWA DIRECT 200-CD027 CD DVD Disc Automatic Repair Polishing Machine Tool w/Box

  • $ 129.95

Sanwa Direct Disc Repair Machine Automatic Polishing Type DVD /CD / Game Software 200-CD027
■ Size: W130×D140×H30mm
00mm Weight: 148g
■ Repair type: Manual /polished type
■ Country of production: China
■ Warranty period: Initial defect only

Compatible discs:
Music CD, DVD, game software (not based on Blu-ray discs)
Non-compatible discs:
Blu-ray discs, Blu-ray disc-based game software,
double-sided recording discs, HD DVDs, hard coated discs,
other scratchy discs, discs with severe damage, discs with scratches on the label surface, Curved disc

Instruction manual
Part description Information of the error
the instruction manual enclosed in the product ■ 5.Disk repair method There was a description of the error in the disk repair method.
we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

-Corrections --

[Error] 2.Apply a few drops of repair cream around the scratches on the data surface of the disk.
[Positive] 2.Apply a drop of repair cream around the scratches on the data surface of the disc.

※ After use, traces of polishing remain on the data surface of the disc.
※ This product repairs loading errors due to scratches by polishing. It doesn't erase the scratches on the disk.
* We are not responsible for any loss or damage of data caused by the use of this product.
※ Please do not use on the label surface.
※ If you apply too much repair cream or cleaning spray, wipe it off with a soft cloth before using.
※ Please use the repair solution by drilling a hole in the inlet with a needle etc. before use.
※ We do not guarantee the repair of the disk by using this product.

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