Repair Kit for Volkswagen VW Passat B6 CC Steering Lock Module Relays + Micro Switch 3C0905864

  • $ 74.95

REPAIR KIT VW Passat B6 CC Steering Wheel Lock Module

Relays + Micro Switch 3C0905864


Fixing VW Passat & CC Steering Module PCB.

We send you the same component parts as originally fitted. We can repair for you! Contact us if you have any questions



  • Passat B6 2006-2015
  • Passat CC 2009-2012
  • CC 2012-2017
  • All parts are guaranteed for 12 months.


Parts you will receive.

  1. (2) micro switches 
  2. (2) relay Nʌis CP1-12V ACP131
  • as shown in picture 1


How do I know if my module is faulty....?

A faulty micro switch or relay can cause one or more of these symptoms:

  • Takes several attempts before car will start
  • Steering Lock fault message or code
  • Steering Wheel warning shows orange or red
  • Clicking noise when key inserted
  • Will not start
  • Vehicle immobilized


Do I have to get my car reprogrammed?

It depends!

If you are still able to start the car (even though it may take several attempts),

then no recoding / reprogramming is required.

You just fit the module back in. This is an advantage over fitting a replacement new or used module.


Where is the Module Located......?

On the lower half of the steering column in a black box.

(see picture #3)

To remove the module, simply prise off the plastic cover and remove 3 torx screws.

There is no need to remove the whole steering lock.


Reference OE/OEM Number:

3C0905864A, 3C0905864B, 3C0905864C, 3C0905864D, 3C0905864E, 3C0905864F, 3C0905864G, 3C0905864H, 3C0905864J, 3C0905864I



Disconnect the battery and wait 10 minutes before removing the module or disconnecting any wiring. 

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