Relay Omron G8ND-2U 12V DC Handbrake Parking Brake Relay For Renault Scenic 2

  • $ 24.95

Relay G8ND-2U - SPDTx2 (H-Bridge) OMRON

Used in a electric handbrake, electric parking brake system on car.
  • manufacturer: OMRON
  • MPN: G8ND-2U
  • series: G8ND
  • ambient temperature: -40°C/+85°C
  • related voltage DC: 12V
  • operating voltage: 5.5V
  • rated load: 25A
  • inrush current: 30A
  • minimum carry/switching current: DC12V 0,1A
  • coil resistance: 130 ohm
  • contact resistance: 50 mohm
If you have a message "Parking brake failure" on the dashboard of your vehicule Renault Scenic 2 that means the problem with your Electronic Parking Break unit.
The typical fault codes: C1162, 5162 or DF043, DF046 .
These error codes and problems usually comes from a faulty relay in the Electronic Parking Break unit, so you need to replace the relay G8ND-2U on the circuit board.

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