Polarizing Film for 1990-1996 Corvette C4 Instrument Cluster Odometer B020 B002

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Polarizing Film for 90-96 Corvette C4 Instrument Cluster B002 B020


Corvette C4 Instrument Cluster B002 B020 (1990-1996)


The polarizing film we rebuild is same as original, the ink is directly silk-printed on the polarized film. No need adjust the viewing angle and crop like polarizing film from other seller. You only tear old film and clear the glass surface by glue remover (such as alcohol), stick it on LCD screen by direction of original film then finished.

This is a high quality polarizing film which is used in the manufacture of LCDs. It has a matte-finish, anti-glare coating to decrease reflections from external lights (e.g., sunlight, headlights, etc.) and a hard-coat to resist scratches. The film contains a UV protectant to minimize fading.


Reference GM part # 16158831, 16168021


This polarizing film will correct only UV faded LCD's. It will not fix LCD issues related to fractures, connectors, or driver chip delamination. If your LCD is partially functioning and only a few segments are not working then the issue may lie with the latter and you will need a NEW LCD and/or connector.

The best way to determine if the LCD is UV damaged is to take a pair of polarized sunglasses and hold them in front of the LCD display with the ignition on. While rotating the sunglasses (make sure they are polarized sunglasses!) if you see an improvement in the display segments then the LCD is most likely UV faded and replace this polarizing film will work well.  Also If  you can faintly see the LCD working (without using sunglasses) then again, re-polarization may work.


You can easy get repair guide at YouTube videos by fill words "90-96 Corvette #9"
We also have 90-96 Corvette C4 bulbs kit for selling, you can order it at our Ebay Store.


Package Included:
1PCS Polarizing Film for 90-96 Corvette C4 Instrument Cluster

We are selling polarizing film only, not the entire glass LCD. The instrument cluster in picture as an application scenario instruction, not included for sale.

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