Pointer Needle Backlight Board for Lexus SC300 SC400 Speedometer Cluster Dim illuminated Light Repair

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Backlight board for Lexus SC300 SC400 Needle Dim illuminated Repair



Lexus SC300 SC400 (1994, 1995, 1996)


LED Color: Red


Backlight board we designed insert the original positioning hole, completely embedded in the pointer slot, without any arch, very flat.


Please note it not fit for GS300 (1993-1997), as positive and negative electrodes are opposite with SC300 SC400.

(You may be able to lengthen the wire and bypass the pointer slot to correct connection position, but we not suggest do like this.)


SC300 SC400 (1994-1996); ES300 (1992-1996); GS300 (1993-1997) all have red tinted needles, the color will be red only. If you need alternate other colors, you need have SC300 SC400 (1992-1993) needle which plastic housing are clear and allow any colors to pass through.


SC300 SC400 (1992-1993) needle able to housing in any SC300 SC400 (1994-1996); ES300 (1992-1996); GS300 (1993-1997) instrument stepper motors.


Some of Instrument Part Number:

83010-24475, 83010-24471, 83010-24470, 83010-24480

257410-2030, 257410-0027


Package Included:

2pcs Long Backlight Board for Speedometer/Tachometer

2pcs Short Backlight Board for Temp/Fuel

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