ODOMETER GEAR AND BULBS KIT VOLVO 240 1984-93 NEW T5X3 194TCX2 W170X2 3515295X1

  • $ 49.95

This listing is for one odometer repair kit that consists of  1 odometer gear and 7 tiny light bulbs.  The gear is made from CORRECT material. Not too hard, to prevent wearing out other components inside the speedometer  head, and not too soft. Just the correct kind. Plus the gear has a correct module, (contact pattern) and the through hole- not a BLIND hole.Our gear is made correctly. The hole is right in the center. not off to the side. It does make a difference.The gear would  walk ITSELF TO THE CORRECT  designated path area. What difference does it make? Correctly made part for the specific application. This is not an   PONTIAC GRAND AM OR THE LAWN TRACTOR .

This is for a Volvo 240. So, you are looking at the correct part for the specific application.

Package Contents:
(2)  halogen light bulbs # 942571 ( old number 641220, W170)
(2)  light bulbs # 194 ( VOLVO  number 949671, 194TC)
(3)  light bulbs 1.2 watt  with 20 MM long  wire contacts (T5)

( 8 items total)

These components  are installed on the BACK of the 
speedometer of any Volvo 240 series and finally one correctly manufactured odometer gear #3515295

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