Navigation Touch Screen Digitizer 8'' 8-pin for KIA Optima Radio Display 2014 2015

  • $ 129.95

There are three versions of touch screens fitting for 2014-2015 KIA Optima: 8-inches 8-pins touch screen, 7-inches 8-pins touch screen and 7-inches 4-pins touch screen. Please make sure the size of your factory radio touch screen is 8.0-inches and it has a 8-pins ribbon cable connector before buying.
Features & Specifications:
♦Brand new, high quality and good operation.
♦Fit for KIA Optima radio display 8.0-inches 2014 / 2015.
♦Size: 8.0 inch.
♦Interface: 8-Pin.
♦Working voltage: 5V.
♦Main material: Glass.
♦Replacing touch screen: Loss of response to touch commands, dented, faded, scratched, cracked, dead pixels etc...
Compatible with the following vehicles:
♦Fit for KIA Optima radio display 8.0-inches 2014-2015
Compatible with the following part number:
♦96560-2T900CA / 965602T900CA
♦96560-2T862CA / 965602T862CA
♦96560-4Z100-4XFLT / 96560 4Z100 4XFLT / 965604Z1004XFLT / 965604Z100-4XFLT
♦96560-4Z100-4X / 96560-4Z1004X / 965604Z1004X / 96560 4Z1004X
♦96560-4Z100-4XRM / 965604Z1004XRM
♦96560-4Z110 / 965604Z110 / 96560 4Z110
♦96560-4Z111 / 965604Z111 / 96560 4Z111
♦96560-4Z / 965604Z / 96560 4Z
♦AV240DPAN, Sl
♦AV240DPAN, Ll
♦96560-B8103XFLT / 96560B8103XFLT
♦00201-F9002-FLT / 00201F9002FLT
♦96560-B8110 / 96560B8110
♦96560-B81104X / 96560B81104X
♦96560-B8110-4XFLT / 96560B81104XFLT
♦96560-1UAA0VA / 965601UAA0VA
♦96560-1UAA1VA / 965601UAA1VA
♦96560-1UAA2VA / 965601UAA2VA
♦96560-1UAA3VA / 965601UAA3VA
♦LMS800KF10-002 / LMS800KF10 002
♦The ribbon cable of the 8" touch screen digitizer is 8-pin.
♦Installation instructions and tools are not included in the order.
♦It is only a touch panel, not including a LCD display.
♦Please check the exact dimensions (8.0-inches) of the touch screen before buying to make sure that it is fit for your device.
♦There is a layer of protective film on each surface of the panel. Please remove the protective films before installing it.

Package included:
1x Touchscreen

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