MIB280 Canbus Gateway Emulator Simulator Decoder for VW Jetta Passat Bora Golf

  • $ 49.95

The CAN bus emulator will solve vehicle problems that are not included with original radio.
This article simulates the CAN signal.
VW Golf Jetta Polo Passat ...
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Decoder Canbus Gateway Emulator Simulator For MIB PQ RCD330 Plus A/B/E/F

Generally used in cars after 2010, to install radio RCD360, RCD330 is used when Bluetooth needs to be ignited
Recommended professional installation

The decoder can solve the following problems:
1. Radio turn off every 30 minutes;
2. Buttons not light up;
3. Avoid battery drain;
4. Radio can't turn off even remove the key;
5. No reverse image;
6. Bluetooth can't work.
(for reference)The problems solved for different cars are different, and we cannot guarantee to solve all the problems described above for all cars. It is best to buy after confirming with us.

1. Please confirm that your car can be installed and then purchased
2. It is best to contact customer service to confirm before purchasing
3. Professional products and recommended professional installation, the connection diagram is for reference

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