Mag Plug Magnetic Oil Drain Plug for BMW (M12 x 1.5 mm)

  • $ 39.95

  • STANDARD OEM-SIZE PLUG AND FILTER  - This new and improved oil drain plug provides excellent fit and smooth installation, and comes with a soft copper washer to ensure no leaks.  Fits BMW.  Please verify your vehicle model for proper fit.
  • HIGH-QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION -  Provides excellent corrosion resistance and strength for a quality plug and filter you can rely on.  Mag Plug Drain Plugs are designed in the USA and are made of superior stainless steel compared to other drain plugs.  You won't find a higher quality drain plug!
  • INTERNAL MAGNET - The inside of your engine's oil pan is a hot and corrosive environment.  This can be especially harmful to neodymium magnets when oil changes are not performed at recommended time intervals.  Mag Plug oil-drain plugs ensure that the hot corrosive environment in an engine’s oil pan will not harm magnets and degrade magnetic strength because the magnet never comes into contact with an engine's oil.
  • REMOVABLE HIGH-STRENGTH NEODYMIUM MAGNET - Provides excellent filtering action removing particles regardless of size.  Allows for quick and easy cleaning.  Magnet can be quickly and easily pulled out and put back in to allow particles to fall from plug to trash can.
Protect your vehicle's engine from damaging particles that circulate within your engine's oil.  Many of the particles that circulate in your car engine's oil are too small for an oil filter to remove. In addition, much larger particles that an oil filter can remove can clog the filter without periodic oil changes, causing it to be less effective. Both of these situations are potentially damaging to your car's engine.

The Mag Plug Magnetic Oil Pan Drain Plug & Filter works with your car's oil filter by removing many of these particles from the engine's oil.  This high-quality plug and filter will pull in and hold on to particles that are too small for your engine's oil filter to catch and that are large enough to clog your engine's oil filter when periodic oil changes are not maintained.

Mag Plug oil drain plugs offer a tough stainless-steel design, an extremely powerful and removable neodymium magnet for excellent filtering action, and the easiest possible clean-up.  This plug also comes with a soft copper washer that prevents leaks in a plug that will last a lifetime.

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