Genuine CD Changer Retrofit Adapter Cable for BMW E39 E46 E53 OEM 61126913954

  • $ 39.95

You are looking at a brand new genuine BMW radio adapter cable for those performing a factory navigation retrofit for a BMW E39 5 Series 1997-2003 or E53 X5 2000-2006.  It comes brand new and in original BMW packaging.

New Original: BMW E39 E46 E53 CD Changer Adapter Cable GENUINE NEW 
Manufacturer: BMW OEM
Condition: 100% BRAND NEW
Quantity: 1 pcs

Part Number: 61126913954


Compatibility:  E39 5-Series, E46 3-Series, E53 X5
E39 528i Sedan, USA
E39 528i Touring, USA
E39 540i Sedan, USA
E39 540i Touring, USA
E39 540iP Sedan, USA
E39 M5 Sedan, USA
E39 520d Sedan, Europe
E39 520d Touring, Europe
E39 520i Sedan, Europe
E39 520i Touring, Europe
E39 523i Touring, Europe
E39 523i Sedan, Europe
E39 525d Sedan, Europe
E39 525d Touring, Europe
E39 525td Sedan, Europe
E39 525tds Touring, Europe
E39 525tds Sedan, Europe
E39 528i Touring, Europe
E39 528i Sedan, Europe
E39 530d Sedan, Europe
E39 530d Touring, Europe
E39 535i Sedan, Europe
E39 540i Sedan, Europe
E39 540i Touring, Europe
E39 540iP Sedan, Europe
E39 M5 Sedan, Europe
E39 525i Touring, Europe
E39 530i Touring, Europe
E39 525i Sedan, Europe
E39 530i Sedan, Europe
E46 320i Sedan, USA
E46 323Ci Convertible, USA
E46 323Ci Coupe, USA
E46 323i Sedan, USA
E46 323i Touring, USA
E46 325Ci Coupe, USA
E46 325Ci Convertible, USA
E46 325i Sedan, USA
E46 325i Touring, USA
E46 325xi Touring, USA
E46 325xi Sedan, USA
E46 328Ci Coupe, USA
E46 328i Sedan, USA
E46 330Ci Convertible, USA
E46 330Ci Coupe, USA
E46 330i Sedan, USA
E46 330xi Sedan, USA
E46 M3 Coupe, USA
E46 M3 Convertible, USA
E46 316Ci Coupe, Europe
E46 316i Sedan, Europe
E46 316i Touring, Europe
E46 316i 1.6 Sedan, Europe
E46 316i 1.9 Sedan, Europe
E46 316ti Compact, Europe
E46 318Ci Convertible, Europe
E46 318Ci Coupe, Europe
E46 318d Touring, Europe
E46 318d Sedan, Europe
E46 318i Touring, Europe
E46 318i Sedan, Europe
E46 318td Compact, Europe
E46 318ti Compact, Europe
E46 320Cd Coupe, Europe
E46 320Cd Convertible, Europe
E46 320Ci Convertible, Europe
E46 320Ci Coupe, Europe
E46 320d Sedan, Europe
E46 320d Touring, Europe
E46 320i Touring, Europe
E46 320i Sedan, Europe
E46 320td Compact, Europe
E46 323Ci Convertible, Europe
E46 323Ci Coupe, Europe
E46 323i Sedan, Europe
E46 325Ci Convertible, Europe
E46 325Ci Coupe, Europe
E46 325i Sedan, Europe
E46 325i Touring, Europe
E46 325ti Compact, Europe
E46 325xi Touring, Europe
E46 325xi Sedan, Europe
E46 328Ci Coupe, Europe
E46 328i Sedan, Europe
E46 328i Touring, Europe
E46 330Cd Coupe, Europe
E46 330Cd Convertible, Europe
E46 330Ci Coupe, Europe
E46 330Ci Convertible, Europe
E46 330d Sedan, Europe
E46 330d Touring, Europe
E46 330i Touring, Europe
E46 330i Sedan, Europe
E46 330xd Sedan, Europe
E46 330xd Touring, Europe
E46 330xi Sedan, Europe
E46 330xi Touring, Europe
E46 M3 Convertible, Europe
E46 M3 Coupe, Europe
E46 M3 CSL Coupe, Europe
E53 X5 3.0d SUV, Europe
E53 X5 3.0i SUV, Europe
E53 X5 4.4i SUV, Europe
E53 X5 4.6is SUV, Europe
E53 X5 4.8is SUV, Europe

If you are not sure that this detail fit to your car, please contact us.

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