Fuel Gas Tank Carburetor Air Filter Gasket for BS 10T702, 10T802

  • $ 49.95

Interchangeable Part Numbers






Please make sure the interchange part number matches the part you are replacing.

Please check our photos and make sure the part shown looks identical to your stock one.

Briggs & Stratton

93902, 95902, 95982, 96902, 96982, 98902, 98982, 9B902, 9C902, 9C982, 9D902, 9D982,9E902,

9E912, 9F902, 9G902, 9H902, 9J902, 9K902, 9L902, 9M902, 9S502, 9T502, 9T602,9T702, 9T802,

10A902, 10A912, 10A982, 10B902, 10C902, 10C982, 10D902, 10D912, 10D982,10E902, 10F902,
10G902, 10H902, 10J902, 10J912, 10K902, 10L902, 10M902, 10M912,10N902, 10S902, 10T502,
10T602, 10T702, 10T802, 10T812, & 120T02



Package list

1X Fuel tank Carburetor

1x Gasket

1x Primer Bulb

1x Air Filter

1x Spark Plug

Everything shown on first picture is included

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