For BMW N54 DME MSD80 Repair Kit: MOSFET Transistors F644NS ( equivalent W644B )

  • $ 49.95

Repair kit (6 transistors MOSFET IRF644NS ) for repair an BMW Siemens DME MSD80 / MSD81 ECU (Engine Control Unit)

The BMW Siemens MSD80 DME (Digital Motor Electronics) unit used in many BMW vehicles from 2006 to 2013 years with N54 or N54T 6 cylinder turbo engine.
BMW models with Turbocharged N54 engines and MSD80 DME Software can develop fuel injector MOSFET driver failure. This will cause an injector to stop delivering fuel and an engine misfire to occur. Each injector (from 6 injectors total) has a single MOSFET (transistor) driver. These MOSFETs are responsible for fuel injection activation, so to fixe the problem the failed MOSFETs must be replaced.

Affected models:
  • BMW 135i 2007-2013 (E82)
  • BMW 335i 2007-2008 (E90)
  • BMW 335xi 2007-2008 (E91)
  • BMW 335i 2007-2010 (E92)
  • BMW 335i 2007-2010 (E93)
  • BMW 535i et 535xi (E60) 2009-2010
  • BMW Z4 35i 2009-2016 (E89)
Diagnostic fault codes (error messages):
  • 30BA - DME Digital Motor Electronics, Internal Failure
  • 30BB - DME Digital Motor Electronics, Internal Failure
  • 29D0 - Cylinder 4 Misfire
  • 29D1 - Cylinder 5 Misfire
  • 29D2 - Cylinder 6 Misfire
  • 29CD - Cylinder 1 Misfire
  • 29CE - Cylinder 2 Misfire
  • 29CF - Cylinder 3 Misfire
  • 29CC - Misfire Multiple Cylinders
With our Repair kit for BMW Siemens DME MSD80 / MSD81 unit you can fix the problem with your BMW ECU unit yourself !

The Repair Kit contains 6 MOSFET transistors IRF644NS (equivalent original W644B transistors).

Please note that the kit fits to N54 or N54T 6 cylinder turbo engine only.

Please note, the MSD80 module shown in the photos for illustration purposes, not included.

We sell only high quality components from the leading manufacturers of electronic components.

Shipping within one business day after receipt of payment.

A repair videos are sent you by email.

A basic experience in welding of electronic components is required to properly repair of your BMW MSD80/MSD81 DME Unit.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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