Flush Dash Mount 3.5mm Female Auxiliary AUX Cable 2FT

  • $ 24.95

Standard female 3.5mm aux cable so that you can flush mount an aux port onto your dash or other location of your choosing.
The mount comes with the optional mounting bracket, so you can either mount into the dashboard or outside of the dashboard. Simply start off with a small drill bit then work your way up test-fitting the mount along the way until it is secure.
Requires 0.75 inch hole to drill, or to use the supplied bracket.
The end result you will have a clean looking flush mount aux port for your vehicle.
Wire length: Approx 24 inches, 2FT or 60 cm
Gold plated connections for superior sound quality.

C-FM35 flush mount aux cable does not connect directly to GROM car stereo adapter. You will still need C-35USB AUX cable for your GROM car kit if you want to have auxiliary connection (except GROM-AUX1 that comes with standard 3.5mm audio male to male cable).


Package Includes:

  • Auxiliary 3.5mm female flush mount audio cable, 2FT
  • Mounting bracket

auxiliary 3.5mm female flush mount audio cable
Car Audio AUX cable install

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