FIGARO TGS813 TGS-813 Gas Sensor

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FIGARO TGS813 TGS-813 Gas Sensor


FIGARO TGS813 TGS-813 Gas Sensor


The sensing element of Figaro gas sensors is a tin dioxide (SnO2) semiconductor which has low conductivity in clean air. In the presence of a detectable gas, the sensor's conductivity increases depending on the gas concentration in the air. A simple electrical circuit can convert the change in conductivity to an output signal which corresponds to the gas concentration. The TGS 813 has high sensitivity to methane, propane, and butane, making it ideal for natural gas and LPG monitoring. The sensor can detect a wide range of gases, making it an excellent, low cost sensor for a wide variety of applications. Also available with a ceramic base which is highly resistant to severe environments up to 200°C (model# TGS 816).


Package Included:
1PCS Brand New FIGARO TGS813 TGS-813 Gas Sensor

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