Door Lock Pump Motor Repair Kit for Mercedes-Benz W140 S320 S420 S500 S600 E320

  • $ 79.95

The motor is completely identical to the original electric motor, it allows restoring the efficiency of the PSE vacuum pump, and a cooler for cooling the collector and brushes is additionally installed.

Motor suitable for PSE compressors:
  • A1408000448
  • A1408000648
  • A1408001048
  • A1408001148
  • A1408001948
  • A1408002048
  • A1408002148
  • A1408002248
  • A1408002348
  • A1408002448
  • A1408002548
  • A1408002848
  • A1408002948
  • A1408003048
  • A1408003148
  • A2108001148
  • Bosch 0132006323
  • Bosch 0132006324
  • Bosch 0132006325
  • Bosch 0132006342
  • Bosch 0132006350
  • Bosch 0132006357
  • Bosch 0132006367
  • Bosch 0132006399
  • Bosch 0132006899
  • 65590 JOHNSON 365002
  • 66100 JOHNSON 332442
  • 66100 JOHNSON 382211

Instructions for replacing the motor in a vacuum pump Mercedes W140

  1. Repair of the vacuum pump W140 with a burned-out JOHNSON little engine is to replace Unscrew the torx screws and push the chips here on the contacts of the electric motor. To do this, you need to disassemble the PSE vacuum compressor, unscrew a pair of screws on the case (TORX T20). Next, open the case latch around the perimeter. After removing the bottom of the case, you need to unscrew the electronic board in the unit (TORX T7). After that, you need to push the metal contacts of the chips and nipples from the outside, squeeze the board out of the case. With it, pull the electric motor from the seat.
  2. To check the operation of the motor of the vacuum pump, you need to unsolder one or all of the wires from it and apply 12V to it.
  3. To remove the graphite pump body from the JOHNSON motor, you need to unscrew the 3 screws (TORX T10), remove the top cover of the pump, the pump stator ring, remove the graphite plates from the pump rotor
  4. To remove the rotor retainer, you need to carefully two small slotted screwdrivers. To remove the rotor retainer, separate here. Separate the lower part of the graphite pump from the metal base of the housing. Perhaps these parts will be glued together with a sealant, then you will need to separate them with a clerical knife. After that, carefully remove from the motor shaft the lower graphite part of the body together with the rotor and the retainer.
  5. We change the engine observing polarity, on the engine plus it is indicated by a red mark. And we collect everything in reverse order.

  • After replacing the motor, check the vacuum system for leaks (swapping tubes, doors, head restraints, hatch, trunk, etc.).
  • Check the impeller for wedging.
  • Moisture is not allowed in the graphite pump.
  • Do not let the pump run for a long time, more than 7 seconds - WILL BURN UP!

Please verify the part number on your vehicle before ordering.

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