LCD Display Replacement for Sea Doo GTX RXP RXT BRP 4-Tec Digital Speedometer Info Gauge

  • $ 99.95

  • Compatible with Sea Doo GTX 4-Tec 5573/5574/5593/5594 (2002-2005); GTX 4-Tec Wake (2003-2005); GTX 4-Tec (2003-2005); GTX 4-Tec LTD Supercharged (2003-2005); GTX 4-Tec Supercharged (2003-2005); GTX 4-Tec (2004-2005); GTX 4-Tec WAKE (2004-2005); RXP 4-Tec 215 (2004-2005); RXT 4-Tec 215 (2002-2005)
  • Reference OEM Number: 278001591, 278001823, 278001958, 278001959, 278001701, 278002033, 278002034, 278002035
  • With continued exposure to UV light from the sun, first of all the LCD polarizer film will deteriorate and It will even destroy the conductive lines inside the glass screen. It result you can no longer see the LCD display segments. When this occurs that replace our LCD display you will recover functioning properly.
  • If you not know UV only damaged polarizer or even the conductive lines inside the glass screen that replace our entire LCD display is your best choose, saved your time and cost nearly the same. (If replace polarizer you need tear old film and clear the glass surface by glue-dispenser, adjust the viewing angle and crop. Despite finished all the steps, you may still fail if yours also damaged conductive lines of inside screen)
  • Package Included: 1PCS LCD Display. We selling LCD display only, the speedometer info gauge in picture as an application scenario instruction, not included for sale.

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