Dash Instrument Panel Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Tesla Model S / X

  • $ 49.95



  • Highly Rigidity Defense Friction (9H)

  • Explosion Proof Efficiently 

  • Oleophobic Function

  • Scratch & Wear Resistant  

  • High Definition Vision

  • Anti-Fingerprint 


Product description

100% New and high quality

Tempered glass protector for Tesla Model S / X screen Scratch resistant; Shock-resistant; anti-oil and anti-fingerprints

bubbles went away automatically after a day or so.  Bubble-free installation, only take seconds; No residue when remove.

Premium grade tempered glass: (9H hardness surface) with HD transparency

Compatible with: For Tesla Model S and Model X 



Material: High Quality Tempered Japanese Asahi Glass & Japanese NSG Glass

Color: Transparent 

Product Dimensions: 28.5 CM x 10.4 CM Tesla S / X Dash Instrument Panel

Makes the dash look so much nicer and doesn't attract dust and fingerprints nearly as bad as with no screen protector. High quality screen protectors offer protection for Tesla Touch Panel . They are precisely engineered for each device providing a perfect fit. The screen protectors are transparent, ultra thin, durable and dust repelling. 


Instruction Steps:

1. Clean with the dust-free cloth, alcohol cotton and electrostatic dust cleaning sheet,You can put tape on both sides easy to hold and install.

2. Tear off the tempered glass protector protection layer off the screen's side.

3. Align the screen protector correctly with the screen and slowly press it down.

4. Gently with your finger from the middle to the surrounding press toughened glass until the screen protector is fully attached to the screen.


Package Included: 1x Panel Tempered Glass Screen Protector, 1x Dust Remover, 1x Alcohol wet/dry wipe, 1x Clean Cloth


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