New Replacement Analog Thumbsticks Button Mod for Xbox One PS4 Standard Controller Chrome

  • $ 12.95

Compatible with Xbox One controller, Xbox One S controller.
Work exactly like Microsoft Xbox One original thumbsticks
You could also use these XBOX ONE sticks on a PS4 controller and that since they were a little taller they would find you more precision.
Durable and sturdy.
Your fingers aren't slipping off the thumb-sticks anymore if you replace these.
Concave in the middle and ridged outer rim help you keep your thumbs on the thumb sticks while playing games.
The groove and the grips on these make gaming on the Xbox One much better.
The texture of thumbsticks feels good. A lot more grip around the edges.
Easy to swap out. When replacing them, you'll need a special t-8 security screw driver. Please note that the package doesn't include the tool kits. You can buy those tool kits from my store.
Chrome color base. Personalize your Xbox One controller.
Package includes:
(2)pcs Xbox One thumbsticks

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