CR220 Radio Cassette Stereo Head Unit for Porsche 986 996 911 Carrera Boxster 99664512510

  • $ 349.95

Porsche original car radio part number:
996.645.125.00 (99664512500) BE4362
996.645.125.10 (99664512510) BE6624

Porsche CR-220 BE4362 / BE6624 Becker fits all Porsche vehicles with a standard DIN slot (1-DIN) and 12V.

This model has a detachable control panel. You can take it anywhere for safety.

Porsche CR-220 Radio
Radio: Cassette
Manufacturer: Becker
Model Type: Porsche CR-220, BE4362, BE6624
Lighting: Orange
Code Included!

Special features of the original Porsche CR-220 car radio:

US frequencies, detachable control panel, RDS, double tuner, plays cassette tapes, PTY, loudness, bass, treble, balance, fader, TP traffic announcement, supports CD changer and much more!

Optical anti-theft protection with security code and removable faceplate panel!

Important! This device has US frequencies (0.2 steps in search)

Condition: Good condition

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