Clock Adjuster Fix for BMW E46 3-Series M3 Instrument Cluster

  • $ 39.95

This product is a fixture that provide your clock adjusting function will work again in your lovely BMW E46's cluster. Original development, bad copies can be harder to use and easier to break!

Durable raw material is ASA, which is more resistant to UV, heat and cold than PETG and ABS. The bottom part of the ring is thicker for the purpose of strengthening the structure. 

There's a short video about the installation and a proof about working:
Thanks for the installation video by Jin Endow's Youtube channel:

Installation notes:
- Use latex gloves during installation to prevent the cluster from fingerprints
- Try not to touch the needles, or take a picture before the install, for help to set it back to position

Installation guide:
  1. Remove the cluster from your car
  2. Remove 4 torx screws with a T8 screwdriver from the back
  3. Pull off the top, rubber black black adjuster needle
  4. Remove the back of the cluster
  5. Remove the black adjuster needle
  6. Remove the residuals of the original, white adjuster levers with a scalpel/paper cutter
  7. Put the end tip of the fixture below the edge of the cluster and push down the whole fixture with your fingertips/screwdriver. Please pay attention the ring of the fixture is around the white round stuff on the cluster
  8. Put back the black adjuster needle and assemble the cluster
  9. Enjoy :)
Works like a charm. 3D printed part with ASA, it is really durable, plus heat, cold and UV-resistant.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me! I do my best to figure out the topic!

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