Chrome Door Handle Covers for 1999-2016 Ford F250 F350 F450 Super Duty 4Doors

  • $ 74.95

4 quantity, Chrome Door Handle Covers, WITHOUT Passenger Keyhole

F250 [All Models Including Super Duty] 1999-2016
F350 [All Models Including Super Duty] 1999-2016
F450 [All Models Including Super Duty] 1999-2016

Product Details:
A-PADS High Quality Triple Chromed Accessory. Fits factory standard parts perfectly, and only. Comes with industrial strength 3M tape on the inside of the covers for an easy installation.
Simply follow instructions provided, clean auto surface, peel tape, stick-on (like a sticker), and hold down for a minute – easy as that. Your car will look amazing with A-PADS chrome.
Material is highest quality automotive grade ABS plastics.

Listing is for covers only; these are not replacement parts. These covers are to be installed on top of complete factory standard parts.

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