Car Exhaust Hanger Removal Pliers Rubber Pad Gasket Removal Hand Repair Tool

  • $ 49.95

1.Comfortable handle: Plastic handle is ergonomic, firm and non slip, comfortable to use.
2.Easy to use: Exhaust pipe and rubber pad removal pliers are suitable for removing exhaust bracket from rubber coat hanger.
3. Durable: Made of high carbon steel, high strength and durable.
4. Suitable for dismantling the rubber exhaust system hanger (ie exhaust pipe, exhaust pipe and muffler).
5. Just squeeze the non-slip handle of the pliers to push the bracket out of the rubber bracket.

Material: Tong head #50 steel, tong body A4 steel
Color: Black-Red
Size: length 28.5cm
Weight: 353g
Package Weight:380g

Package Included:
1 x Car Exhaust Hanger Removal Plier

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