Brake Light Switch Lamp for Infiniti Nissan Maxima Altima Pathfinder Frontier Sentra

  • $ 39.95

Brake Light Switch Lamp Fits for Nissan & Infiniti

Terminal Quantity: 4

Terminal Gender: Male

Terminal Type: Blade


Compatible With:


2008 EX35 (submodel: Base, Journey)

2007-2008 FX35 Base

2006 FX35 Base From 11/05

2007-2008 FX45 Base

2006 FX45 Base From 11/05

2008 G35 X Sport

2004-2008 G35 (submodel: Base, X)

2007-2008 G35 (submodel: Journey, Sport)

2008 G37 (submodel: Base, Journey, Sport)

2006-2007 M35 Sport

2006-2010 M35 (submodel: Base, X)

2008-2010 M45 X

2006-2010 M45 (submodel: Base, Sport)

2005-2006 Q45 Base

2004 Q45 Base From 5/04

2004-2010 QX56 Base



2005 350Z 35th Anniversary Edition Automatic Transmission

2003-2006 350Z (submodel: Enthusiast, Touring) Automatic Transmission

2006 350Z (submodel: Base, Grand Touring) Automatic Transmission

2007-2008 350Z (submodel: Base, Nismo)

2007-2009 350Z (submodel: Enthusiast, Grand Touring, Touring)

2007,2009-2010 Altima Base Automatic CVT Transmission

2007-2009 Altima SE Automatic CVT Transmission

2010 Altima SR Automatic CVT Transmission

2007-2010 Altima (submodel: Hybrid, S, SL) Automatic CVT Transmission

2009-2010 Cube (submodel: Krom, S, SL) Automatic CVT Transmission

2011 Cube (submodel: Krom, S, SL) Automatic CVT Transmission, To 2/11

2013-2014 Frontier Desert Runner Automatic Transmission

2005-2008 Frontier Nismo Off-Road Automatic Transmission

2009-2014 Frontier PRO-4X Automatic Transmission

2004-2007,2009-2010 Frontier XE Automatic Transmission

2004 Frontier (submodel: SC, SVE) Automatic Transmission

2005-2010 Frontier (submodel: LE, SE) Automatic Transmission

2011-2014 Frontier (submodel: S, SL, SV) Automatic Transmission

2011 Juke (submodel: S, SL, SV) Automatic CVT Transmission, To 2/11

2009-2011 Maxima (submodel: S, SV)

2006-2007 Murano (submodel: S, SE, SL)

2012-2014 NV1500 (submodel: S, SV)

2012-2014 NV2500 (submodel: S, SV)

2012-2014 NV3500 (submodel: S, SL, SV)

2003-2012 Pathfinder LE

2006-2012 Pathfinder S

2003-2010 Pathfinder SE

2005-2009 Pathfinder SE Off-Road

2011 Pathfinder Silver Edition

2011-2012 Pathfinder SV

2005 Pathfinder XE

2004 Pathfinder Armada (submodel: LE, SE)

2005-2009 Quest Base

2004-2009 Quest (submodel: S, SE, SL)

2010 Rogue Krom

2008-2013 Rogue S

2011 Rogue S Krom

2008-2010,2012-2013 Rogue SL

2011-2013 Rogue SV

2003-2006 Sentra SE-R Automatic Transmission

2009-2012 Sentra SR Automatic CVT Transmission

2003 Sentra (submodel: GXE, Limited Edition, XE) Automatic Transmission

2004-2006 Sentra (submodel: Base, S) Automatic Transmission

2007-2012 Sentra (submodel: Base, S, SE-R, SL) Automatic CVT Transmission

2008-2014 Titan PRO-4X

2004-2010 Titan (submodel: LE, SE, XE)

2011-2014 Titan (submodel: S, SL, SV)

2012 Versa 1.8 S Automatic Transmission

2007-2011 Versa S Automatic Transmission

2009-2011 Versa (submodel: 1.6, SL) Automatic Transmission

2005-2006 X-Trail (submodel: LE, SE, XE)

2011-2014 Xterra PRO-4X Automatic Transmission

2005-2014 Xterra S Automatic Transmission

2011-2012 Xterra SV Automatic Transmission

2006-2014 Xterra X Automatic Transmission

2005-2010 Xterra (submodel: Off-Road, SE) Automatic Transmission


Package Included:  

1 x Brake Light Switch as pictured

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