OC3 Seat Sensor Emulator for BMW E53 X5 Series Passenger Seat Mat Airbag Occupancy

  • $ 99.95

X5 Series    (2000-2006)     
Seat occupancy sensor emulator & seatbelt simulator equipped with 3 wire sensor.
Note: 2004 / 2005 BMW's need confirm type of sensor.
  •  Fully tested on BMW Original Airbag System installation.                  
  •  With module fitted in your vehicle Airbag light will function as normal - after turning ON ignition Airbag light will turn ON for 3 - 5 seconds and then goes OFF.

  •  For easy installation emulator are equipped with genuine  BMW connectors 
  • No risk connecting wrong  
  • Installation of our modules  can be completed  by everyone without extra cost. 
  • Seat Occupied - Airbag Enabled
  • Seatbelt simulator included
  • Occupied Status - Passenger Airbag is still viable with emulator installed
  • QC passed.
  • Made by professional company from highest quality components a proven for automotive applications
  • VAT invoice on request
  • After sale support : phone , e-mail, or live chat on our website
  • 30 days money back Guarantee
  • Airbag360 emulators are ready to use -  programmed to meet specification of airbag control unit installed in your vehicle .                                                                         There is no need to select program or solder jumpers .


Safe to Use

Seat Occupied - Airbag's Enabled  

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  • Prior to buying passenger occupancy sensor emulator make sure your car was correctly diagnosed.  
  • Airbag light illuminating on the dash and message on the screen about  malfunction of  restraint system are  not diagnose.
  • Restraint system contains many components. If any of them fails airbag light and message informing about malfunctions appears on the screen.
  • Properly diagnose can be only done by connecting diagnostic tool to vehicle .
If You are not sure about fault codes  or its description contact us and we will check them for You.
  • Emulator will only cured / resolve fault codes related with passenger occupancy sensor.
  • Any other remaining codes need to be resolved separately.
  • Be aware of Chinese copy of our emulator's sold as EU manufactured products or devices produced- sells by individuals, who are NOT qualified to do so and have no knowledge about Airbag (SRS) Systems in vehicles.
  • Installation of these devices in your vehicle Do Not Activate Airbags!
  • Only devices purchased from proven source can assure your safety.
  • Don't take a risk This is the Best Choice!
BMW Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Warning Light
  • The supplemental restraint system (SRS) warning light is most commonly known as the airbag system light.
  • This is a computer controlled system designed to deploy one or more driver, passenger, and side airbags.
  • The computer also tightens the seat belts to protect the vehicle occupants from physical harm during an impact caused by a collision.


 Airbag Warning Light

  • When the vehicle is first started,   light should illuminate for 1 to 5 seconds while the system goes through a self-test sequence.
  • If the light goes out, then the system is ready.
  • If the light stays on, there is a fault somewhere in the SRS system.
  • The system is disabled at this point. In the case of a collision, the airbags will not deploy and the seat belts will not tighten, nor will any additional features activate.


SRS/ AIRBAG Warning Light

  • If the light stays on after the self-test, then you should take the vehicle to a qualified repair shop to be properly diagnosed and inspected.
  • It is a good idea to check your vehicle's potential recalls because some airbag system repairs may be covered under recalls or extended warranties.
  • If SRS / OC33 system was diagnosed with malfunctioned seat occupancy sensor  You can successfully eliminated that fault by installing one of our emulators.
  • Our emulator will make airbag  system back to working order

Don't delay repair —You may not be properly protected in the case of an accident or collision. 

If the  light is blinking or stays on, take it seriously. There is a fault condition and the vehicle's safety systems are compromised, putting you and your passengers at risk.

Your Safety is Our Priority!

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