Angel Eyes Halo Rings for BMW E46 LED or CCFL Relay Harness w/ Fade-on Fade-off Features

  • $ 29.95

(1) set of LED or CCFL Angel Eyes Relay Wiring Kit for BMW E46 3-Series and M3 with remote key (key not included) fade-on and fade-off feature.

By using this special relay wiring harness, you can enable the BMW angel eye halo rings gradually lighting up and turning off with your BMW remote key. Rings are Not Included. Please see other listings for the Rings.

This relay harness comes with four (4) standard adapters supporting up to 4 pieces angel eye rings, no matter LED or CCFL.


  • Support up to 4 pieces LED angel eyes rings or CCFL angel eyes
  • Able to light up the ring with BMW's OEM remote key
  • When unlocking the car, the BMW angel eyes will gradually light up (fade-on)
  • When lock the car, the BMW angel eyes will gradually turn off (fade-off)
  • Come with fuse box for safety

Installation Guide

  • Connect the BMW angel eye rings with the adapters (for some halo rings, you need to remove the adapter and directly connect with the wires)
  • Tap red/black wires to the battery terminal + and ground
  • Tap blue wire to ACC 12V+ or parking light + to light up the BMW angel eye rings when engine is on
  • Tap white wire to front footwell (foot area) light for fade on & off
  • For CCFL angel eyes, you will also need CCFL converters separately

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