New Pixel Repair Cable for BMW E31 8-Series E36 11 Button On Board Computer MID OBC

  • $ 24.95


If you are wanting to repair the pixel loss on your own BMW On Board Computer OR Multi-Information Display (MID) look no further! This listing is for the purchase of (1) RIBBON CABLE required to repair the pixel loss. Our ribbons are much stronger and more flexible than the conventional ones you will see listed online. Ours will also not become hard and brittle like the original ribbon cable that is prone to fail. The contacts are soft which will not send harsh current through your Liquid Crystal Display, eventually destroying the sensitive contacts.

You may want to consider buying more than 1 in case you make any errors. Please understand that this repair is a very tedious one and permanent/irreversible damage can easily occur if you do not know what you are doing!! If you do not trust yourself in performing your own repair, we strongly recommend that you look in SERVICES and purchase a repair service to have us quickly repair your part. A BMW On Board Computer can cost in the upwards of $500+, so this is your chance to save a significant amount of money repairing your own pixel loss issue. Instructions are not included, but we do also sell the special t-iron required to adhere to fix your part. 

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