Bluetooth Module AUX Cable Adapter for Porsche Becker CDR220 CR220 Mexico Traffic Pro

  • $ 74.95

Package Includes
1 x AUX Adapter Cable

1. Plug & Play: installed via original CD changer port, easy and fast, perfectly integrated with the car.
2. Wireless A2DP Playback: easily streaming music of bluetooth devices into factory car stereo system.
3. Hi-fi Sound Quality: Connected to car stereo via wire harness, no interference and no loss of sound quality, rivaling original CD sound.
4. Allow you to easily have popular configuration of advanced car stereo, is the best choice for safe driving and enjoying digital music.

Additional Notes:
1. Doesn’t support hands-free phone call(HFP): It doesn’t supports answer/hang up etc. Via car radio buttons and steering wheel buttons.
2. Doesn’t support bluetooth AVRCP Control: Prev/Next Track, Pause/Play, Fast forward/backward via car radio buttons or steering wheel buttons.

1. Name: bluetooth Module AUX Cable Adapter
2. Model: C71597
3. Color: Black
4. Length: 26cm
5. Voltage: 12V
6. bluetooth Version: 5.0
7. bluetooth Name: JieRui-BT 5608

Compatibility / Fitment:
For Porsche Becker
For Mexico Pro 7933
For Mexico Pro CD 4627
For Mexico CC 4327
For Mexico Pro 7937
For Mexico Pro 7930
For Mexico Pro CC 4527
For Mexico 7948
For Mexico Pro 7935
For Mexico Pro MD 4937
For Mexico CC 4370
For Mexico Pro 4625
For Mexico Pro 7938
For Mexico Pro 7932
For Mexico Pro CD 4625
For Mexico CC 4325
For Mexico Pro 7936
For Mexico CD 4337
For Mexico Pro 4627
For Mexico Pro 7939
For Mexico CD 7803
For Traffic Pro 4720
For Traffic Pro High Speed 7824
For Traffic Pro 4745
For Traffic Pro High Speed 7822
For Traffic Pro 4723
For Traffic Pro High Speed 7825
For Traffic Pro for Ferrari 7856
For Traffic Pro High Speed 7823
For Traffic Pro 4725
For Traffic Pro High Speed 7820
For DTM 7802
For DTM High Speed 7910
For DTM High Speed 7912
For DTM High Speed 7913
For DTM High Speed 7915
For DTM High Speed 7918
For Indianapolis 7925
For Indianapolis Pro 7955
For Indianapolis 7922
For Indianapolis Pro 7950
For Indianapolis 7923
For Indianapolis Pro 7953
For Indianapolis 7920
For Grand Prix 7993
For Grand Prix 7990
For Grand Prix 7995
For Grand Prix 7992
For Monza 7885
For Monza 7889
For Monza 7886
For Monza 7887

Notices: We don't confirm 100% to compatible above car model years. Please make sure that connector cable can fit your car before you order.

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