Blank Clock Fix for Pontiac OEM Navigation Radio 2005 2006 2007 2008

  • $ 39.95

Pontiac Grand Prix Navigation Radio Clock Restoration Repair Fix

This newly updated Firmware (Version 2) has corrected some issues of incompatibility with some original GM head units. Get your OEM Pontiac navigation radio's clock working again!  

Manufacturer developed firmware upgrade will correct the date and time issue on your navigation screen.


2005 2006 2007 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix and G6 / G8

Installation Process:

  1. Remove the map disc from your factory navigation radio,
  2. Insert the firmware CD into GPS Disc slot
  3. The installation will automatically begin and will take approximately 2 minutes to update.
  4. Once upload is complete, remove the CD and re-insert the map disc (your clock and date on the Nav screen will be correctly set to the proper date and time). 

Extra Features! Firmware will also correct the 10 minute lag that occurs when you input a destination into your navigation. No more diagonal line through the GPS icon on the navigation screen. This update cannot be performed using a memory stick or chip. With this service you will receive a CD with the firmware update, detailed installation instructions outlined below:





Installation Instructions:

1. Lower navigation screen exposing the 2 CD Slots

2. Eject the map DVD from lower slot and insert your firmware update disc

3. Watch the installation process, and eject once update is complete

4. Insert your new GPS Map DVD or factory disc into the lower CD Slot

5. Raise the navigation screen back to closed position. 

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