Backup Camera Interface for Mercedes C-Class W204 2012-2014 Add Rear / Front Camera

  • $ 249.95

The Mercedes Backup camera integration system will allow a truly seamless integration of a backup camera onto the factory screen. 
Just like the factory unit, the kit will activate the Dynamic Steering Lines.

The kit is small enough to fit behind the radio along with the plug & play harness. Never again will you have to remove the factory 
screen to make connections.
The kit also provides an excellent 12 Volt output for the backup camera, which makes it "Truly" Plug & Play. 
The kit is equipped with 2 camera inputs (cameras sold separately); Front and Rear.  The back-up input is automatically triggered 
by shifting the car into reverse. The front camera will always come on when the vehicle goes from reverse to drive and will automatically
 shut off after 10 seconds (the video from the front camera can be forced on at anytime.

Product Features
·         Works with 2012-2016 Mercedes C, E, M, GL, GLK, GLA and SLK Class 
·         Adds back-up camera input
·         Adds front camera input and switching
·          Plug-and-play installation
·         Ultra-compact for increased installation flexibility


C Class (Sedan / Coupe)

E Class (Sedan / Coupe)

M Class

GL Class

GLA Class

GLK Class

SLK Class

Parts List:

·        Module

·       Harness

·        16 Pin Video Harness

·        FAKRA Plug

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