ABC Valve Rebuild Kit for Mercedes Benz W215 W220 R230 Backing Clips Rings

  • $ 79.95

Mercedes ABC Suspension Valve Rebuild Kit 


21 pc KIT, includes:

  • Viton O-rings, Clips,
  • O-ring Lube.
  • This kit will repair one front or one rear ABC valve with 4 separate solenoid valves.


Compatible With 2000-2006:

S-Class (W220)

CL-Class (W215)

SL roadster (R230)

Our kits differ from other available kits in several ways (see pictures): We use color contrasting (black/brown) O-rings to make sorting and installation quick and error free. All of our O-rings are high quality Viton, selected for optimal resistance to synthetic hydraulic fluid. We use a special two ring dust seal on the control valve. The original design allows dirt and moisture to get between the seal and solenoid and cause corrosion. Finally, we include a packet of O-ring lube with each kit. The top reason for failed rebuilds is cut O-rings caused by inadequate lubrication.

We offer three levels of kits. The Basic Kit is just the O-rings and Lube, you need to reuse your solenoid clips, so be very careful removing them if you chose this kit. The Standard Kit includes O-rings, Lube, and Clips and the Deluxe kit adds the Teflon Backup Rings. If your valves already have white (PTFE) backup rings, DO NOT REMOVE them. Early valves (generally up to '03 model year) came with shrunk fit teflon backup rings. These generally do not fail and are better than any DIY solution we could offer. If you have black backup rings, they are probably nitrile and will deteriorate over time. They should always be replaced with Teflon.

We are always available if you have questions. 

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