9w2 9w7 9zz Bluetooth Module Direct-Plug Harness Cable+Microphone for VW RNS510

  • $ 74.95

Package Include:
1 set- BT harness set (direct plug) -Aftermarket
1 pcs- OEM Microphone
Condition: New

9w2 9w7 9ZZ Bluetooth Module for RNS510 (For other VW BT module, please check with your dealer)

Technically, it can work with RNS510 However, you have to know how to install it otherwise you may have the wrong expectation on the item.

We do not guarantee this camera will work/fit with your motor. Reason is each vehicle varies based on sound system, plugs, lighting and manufacture. If you are not 100% sure, please check its part/model number with your local VW specialist or Google it on the forum.Some additional effort/change may be required.

If you purchased this, we would assume you are fully aware of the compatibility issue/fitting risk/additional change work and will not use them as return excuse.

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