9005 9006 9145 HID Relay Harness 12V Headlight Anti-Flicker Wiring Kit

  • $ 39.95

The primary function of an automotive headlight wire harness is to provide power directly from the vehicle’s battery to the lighting system. This allows the bulb, or HID ballast, to operate independently of the vehicle’s original wiring system and can provide a power source that is more consistent.

A lighting relay harness is most commonly used in aftermarket HID conversion kits to bypass the factory wiring in order to get around complicated electronic control systems or to allow a higher rate of current to be delivered to the bulbs. A Relay Wiring Harness utilizes a 30amp fuse protected power wire that directly connects to your positive terminal on the battery.

A Relay Wire Harness is capable of fixing a variety of power related HID lighting issues i.e. intermittent on/off, flickering, delayed start, HID low light output, and uneven brightness.

Product Features:

  • AMP Connector, 100% plug and play.
  • No modification to bulb or headlight housing is required.
  • universal fit for most of the after-market HID kit.
  • Made of High Quality Polyester Material for Durability and Maximum Heat Tolerance.
  • Heavy Duty Working Temperature: -40 F - 221 F (-40° C to 105° C ).

Installation instruction:

  1. Connect #4 and #5 to HID ballast.
  2. Connect #1 to battery positive.
  3. Connect #2 and #3 to ground.
  4. Connect #6 to stock harness or the wiring from the HID bulb and then to stock harness.

Package Content:

  • 1 Set HID Relay Harness

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