8" LCD Display for 2019-2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Radio Navigation Monitor C080VTN03-3

  • $ 174.95

Package Contents:

1 qty LCD display

Compatible Models: 
Mitsubishi Outlander Radio Navigation (2019 2020 2021 2022)

Please check your radio layout. Must be the same layout radio, which has SETTING button on the left corner, but no NAV button. Check pictures for details.

Manufacturer Part Number:
8740A104 (NR-201AM0LNDA-T)
8740A046 (NR-201AM0PJRA-T)
8740A100 (NR-201EM0LND0-T)
8740A103 (NR-201EM0LNDA-T)
8740A121 (NR-201EM0LNDG-T)
8740A125 (NR-201EM0LNDN-T)
8740A098 (NR-201UM0LND0-T)
8740A105 (NR-201GM0LNDA-T)
8740A102 (NR-201JM0LNDA-T)
8740A106 (NR-201RM0LNDA-T)
8740A101 (NR-201XM0LND0-T) 
8740A099 (NR-201YM0LND0-T)

Size: 8"
Special feature: Support Can-Bus
Main material: Glass
Type: LCD display

This part will fix any of the following problems:
Dented, scratched, faded or No touch response
Cracked or shattered touch screen
No special programming needed!

Package included:
1x LCD Display unit for Mitsubishi Outlander Radio Navigation (2019-2022)

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