Touch Screen Glass Digitizer Fit for 2010-2018 Dodge Chrysler Jeep Wrangler Mygig Ram 6.5''

  • $ 74.95


Compatible with the following vehicles (Be specifically for the 430 RBZ and 430N RHB uConnect MYGIG Radios made by MITSUBISHI (Part No.: LQ065T5GG64), not by HARMAN AUTOMOTIVE):

2007 ~ 2012       Dodge Nitro  

2007 ~ 2017       Jeep Wrangler   

2008 ~ 2015       Dodge Grand Caravan  

2008 ~ 2012       Jeep Liberty  

2008 ~ 2016       Chrysler Town and Country   

2009 ~ 2010       Dodge Journey  

2009                    Dodge Ram 1500  

2010 ~ 2012        Dodge Ram

2015                     Ram C/V 

Compatible with the following part numbers:

  • P05064678AC P05064678AD P05064678AE P05064678AF P05064678AG P05064678AH P05064678AI 
  • P05064879AC P05064879AD P05064879AE P05064879AF P05064879AG P05064879AH P05064879AI
  • P05091170AC P05091170AD P05091170AE P05091170AF P05091170AG P05091170AH P05091170AI
  • P05091201AC P05091201AD P05091201AE P05091201AF P05091201AG P05091201AH P05091201AI
  • P05091327AC P05091327AD P05091327AE P05091327AF P05091327AG P05091327AH P05091327AI
  • P06064829 P05091186 P05091338 P05064845 P05091204 P05091331
  • P082212501 P082212477 P082212500


  • The cable interface of the touch screen is 8-pin.
  • Installation instructions not included. Tool not included.
  • It is only a touch panel, not including a LCD display.
  • Please check the exact dimensions of the touch screen before buying to make sure that it is fit for your device. If there is any question/problem, please feel free to contact us.
  • There is a layer of protective film on the surface of the panel. Please remove the protective film before using it.

Package Included:

1x Touch-Screen digitizer

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