2X T10 194 168 LED Decoder Turn Signal CANBUS Error Free Load Resistor Canceller

  • $ 39.95

-- Anti flicker resistor decoders are useful for vehicles that get a flickering or strobe effect when installing after market LED bulbs
-- Resistor & Capacitor built in to solve flickering issues.
-- This decoder will work for European vehicles such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche
-- LED Bulbs May Trigger Error Sensors on Some Vehicles with Can-bus Error Detection
-- LED Decoder, no more OBC warning, fix Hyper Flashing.
-- Metal Resistor Shell, Male and female connector included

T10/194 / W5W LED lights
color: black
material: aluminum cover
voltage: 12 v / 0.29 A
Socket Type: T10/T15 2825, 158, 168, 194, W5W, 912, 921 etc
Package Include:2x T10 LED Wiring Adapter Load Resistor Decoder

-- Normally when you flip your turn signal switch, the light blinks at a set, slow pace
-- If you have modified your lights to use LEDs, you'll notice that the turn signals now blink very quickly (Hyper-Flash). This is caused by the low resistance .
-- The load resistor on the bypass wiring is very hot, please mount it to the metal.
-- PLEASE make sure the power is OFF during installation
-- Failure due to the different models modified LED lights for different reasons, so we can not figure that all car failure problems can be solved.

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