2X 10W 39Ohm Led Warning Canceller Load Resistor CanBus W5W 194 Auto Universal 12V

  • $ 39.95

10W 39ohm Car Universal Canbus Load Resistor Protector For LED Turn Signal Light


This is for 10w 39Ohm resistors which used to connect to the turn signal bulbs to solve LED 

problems such as hyper flashing, no flashing or burnt out bulb indications. One resistor is required for each turn signal bulb. 



1.100% Brand new and high quality Error Free Load Resistor 
2.Fits all Car & Motorcycle. 
3.Can be connected across the turn signal bulbs or License Plate Lights to simulate the load 

of a regular filament bulb (2 Amp load).
4.No Error on European cars for fog lights or daytime running lights.
5.Solution for "bulb out signal/OBC error message" after installing SMD LED light bulb
6.Solution for fast turn signal blinking response after installing SMD LED light bulb
7.When using LED bulbs for turn signal, you will need to use the above load resistor or 

decoder set to prevent hyper flash or bulb malfunction. 


Package Included:

2x Resistors  
4x Quick Wire Clips

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