BSP171 P Encapsulation: SOT-223 SIPMOS Power Transistor Mosfet (P-Channel) Bentley Porsche Volkswagen Cluster

  • $ 24.95

This component is used in a wide variety of applications. It is also a common failure part in 2002 - 2008 Porsche, Bentley and Volkswagen Instrument Cluster Speedometers. Your instrument panel's power, LED backlight illumination and/or digital LCD display will fail with extensive, heavy use, high heat or a power surge. Replacing this component will bring your speedometer back to life. You will need (4), 2 on front of PCB circuit board, 2 on rear.

If you have a speedometer to be repaired please click link here


  • BSP171
  • P - Channel Encapsulation 
  • Power Transistor / Mosfet
  • 1 pole to 3 outputs
  • Original Manufacturer - Not Chinese Replica - High Quality Parts!

Package Contents

  • (4) Quantity BSP171 Power Transistors
    • Full Replacement Set


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