2008+ Ford Lincoln Mercury Radio Information Display Screen LCD Panel OEM

  • $ 129.95


  • Factory original (OEM) Ford LCD display screen/panel
  • New Old Stock assembly line leftover
  • Straight out of a Ford multi-pack box
  • Has never been used
  • Excellent condition
  • Still has the plastic on the screen!
  • May have fine scratches on black around screen
  • Usually hidden by trim
  • But barely noticeable either way
  • A great solution to a damaged or defective screen
  • Not compatible if you have a navigation radio
  • Does not usually include brackets
  • You will re-use yours
  • They simply screw on
  • They may need reversed in some applications
  • Ford engineering number group 19C116
  • aka - 10D885
  • Entire number may not match yours
  • So it may display another model at startup
  • But it still works in the vehicles listed
  • See more in APPLICATIONS below




They make different versions for the different years and models. If your vehicle isn't on the list below, we won't guarantee it will work for you. The one you receive may not match your existing engineering (part) number but it works in all the following applications, with your brackets. (You may have to reverse them in some applications.) It might briefly display a different model name as a result of being a different number, but that has no bearing on actual functionality. (And you're getting a bargain. Ask Ford what they get for these...)

Ford Escape: 2008-2012
Ford F150: 2009-2012
Ford Flex: 2009-2012
Ford Focus: 2008-2012
Ford Fusion: 2010-2012
Ford Mustang: 2010-2014
Ford Taurus: 2010-2012
Lincoln Mark LT: 2009-2012
Mercury Mariner: 2008-2011
Mercury Milan: 2010-2011

BL3Z,BL3T,AL3T,AL3Z,9L3T,9L3Z,CL3T,CL3Z, AR3T,AR3Z,BR3T,BR3Z,CR3T,CR3Z,DR3T,DR3Z,ER3T,ER3Z, AL8T,AL8Z,BL8T,BL8Z,CL8T,CL8Z,8L8T,8L8Z,9L8T,9L8Z, AE9T,AE9Z,BE9T,BE9Z,CE9T,CE9Z, F150,F-150, Mustang,Escape,Mariner,Fusion,Milan, AS4T,AS4Z,BS4T,BS4Z,CS4T,CS4Z,8S4T,8S4Z,9S4T,9S4Z, AG1T,AG1Z,BG1T,BG1Z,CG1T,CG1Z, AA8T,AA8Z,BA8T,BA8Z,CA8T,CA8Z,9A8T,9A8Z, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, Flex, Taurus, Lincoln, Mercury


We advise you to check with your dealer if you have any concerns about features, applications or special installation considerations.

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