10x T3/T4/T4.2/T5 Neo Wedge Blue Light Halogen Bulbs for Ford Jaguar Dash HVAC Climate Heater Control

  • $ 24.95

Color: Blue
LED Type: T4/T4.2 halogen
Low Power Consumption and Low Temperature
10mm Base Diameter(
White color base),brighter than your original bulbs
Eco design, Safe and reliable 
12-14V DC (For Automotive Use)
Faster on/off response time and vibration resistant

Compatible socket bulb number: T4 Neo Wedge Bulbs = 79674-S3N-941, 79607-SHJ-S01, 36773-SEP-A01, 35851-sm4-003, 36774-SEP-A01, 79628-S2a-003, 35855-S2A-003, 35851-S2A-003, 35855-S2A-A11 

Cross Reference:
8mm Base diameter T3 Neo Wedge Dash Bulbs LED T3 - 39397-SA5-003
10mm Base diameter T4.2 Neo Wedge 
Dash Bulbs LED T4 - 79674-S3N-941
12mm Base diameter T4.7 Neo Wedge Dash Bulbs LED  T5 - 79607-SHJ-S01

(Measure application and choose at checkout)


Heater lights, A/C climate lights, Radio Shack lights, Shifter light, Switch lights,Center Console Light Bulbs

- Please check your part number and make sure T4.2 Wedge Socket before placing order!
- If it doesn't light up, just flip it 180 degrees then it should light up.
- If you have any questions, please contact us for more details.


Pacakge Includes:
10 x T4/T4.2 Neo Wedge Bulbs

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