Wireless Bluetooth Module Cable AUX Adapter For Audi A2/A3/A4/TT 2006+

  • $ 74.95

Package Includes
1 x Cable Adapter

The car bluetooth music player has wireless music transmission.
If the audio input port is not reserved, it is necessary to burn the disc, and the sound source of the disc is updated slowly, which is inconvenient. Some cars are equipped with an external audio input port, and listening to music also requires pulling a long signal line, which is inconvenient to drag in the center console.
If you use bluetooth transmission, you can say goodbye to messy, but you can also play music online. In the streaming media era, online various APPs are quite convenient, and the audio source is updated in time.
Our cable adopts bluetooth main control chip and audio digital processing chip to ensure that the audio signal transmission is not distorted, and the sound quality can reach the high definition standard.
This product is equipped with connectors for plugging according to the interface reserved behind the original car host. It uses a wide range of voltage input to adapt to different environments.

1. Plug & Play: installed via original CD changer port, easy and fast, perfectly integrated with the car.
2. Wireless A2DP Playback: easily streaming music of bluetooth devices into factory car stereo system.
3. Hi-fi Sound Quality: Connected to car stereo via wire harness, no interference and no loss of sound quality, rivaling original CD sound.
4. Allow you to easily have popular configuration of advanced car stereo, is the best choice for safe driving and enjoying digital music.
1. Doesn’t support hands-free phone call(HFP): It doesn’t supports answer/hang up etc. Via car radio buttons and steering wheel buttons
2. Doesn’t support bluetooth AVRCP Control: Prev/Next Track, Pause/Play, Fast forward/backward via car radio buttons or steering wheel buttons.

Applicable Car Models
For Audi A2/A3/A4/TT 2006 onwards with Quadlock connector and AUX button or AUX displayed when scrolling through available sources.
For Audi A4 B7 TTs TT A8 R8 A3 CD Player.

1. Name: AUX Cable Adapter
2. Model: C71525
3. Voltage Input: 5-12V
4. Operational Current: 600mA
5. Standby Current: 20mA
6. Operating Temperature: -35℃~+75℃
7. DAC Resolution: 20bit
8. Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.05%
9. SN Ratio: 90dB
10. Frequency Response: 20HZ-20KHZ
11. bluetooth version: 5.0
12. bluetooth Name: JieRi-BT 5608


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