Wheel Hanger Pilot Pin Lug Bolt Guide Alignment Tool for Mercedes Porsche BMW Audi VW

  • $ 39.95

Features and Benefits:

  • Allows technician to hang wheels on cars with bolt style lugs
  • Keeps rotors and hubs aligned
  • Is safer then balancing the wheel on the lip of the hub
  • Fits Audi, VW, Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Saab and others with bolt style lugs
  • Kit contains two pins, 14mm X 1.5mm thread

Simply screw into the wheel bolt holes to use as wheel hangers, guides and to keep rotor aligned with hub. More efficient and more practical than the small lip found on most hubs. Eliminates having to hold the wheel up while aligning and threading the bolts.


Installation Instructions:

1.Screw it into one of your lug holes at or near the 12 o'clock position

2.Put your wheel on.  The wheel hanger will go through 1 of the wheel's lug holes

3.Tighten your wheels using your other lug bolts

4.Take the wheel hanger off and install the last lug bolt

5.Torque the lug bolts in a star pattern using factory torque specs

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