Universal Car Radio Stereo Can-Bus Interface Adapter Steering Wheel Control Retention

  • $ 149.95

Works with all brands of vehicles & radios!
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General Features

The module retains the built-in steering wheel controls in vehicles when replacing the factory radio with an aftermarket radio. It is compatible with today’s most popular vehicles, even with more complex electronic systems including CAN bus, GMLAN, and Class II systems. The simple to use module can be configured in multiple ways, via DIP switches, direct from a USB connected PC, or a button learning procedure. Wiring and vehicle configuration switch settings are provided through the ControlPRO APP, available for PC, and Android and iOS devices. The adapter is designed to minimize installation time, much faster than any other products available in the market today.

  • Easy to Use and Time Saving
  • Works on Analog (resistive) and Data SWC Systems
  • Vehicle Configuration by:
  • DIP Switch, vehicle lookup and switch setting provided by ControlPRO APPs (PC, iOS & Android)
  • Direct flash from ControlPRO APP for PC (USB connection required)
  • Button learning mode
  • Customizable Button Functions
  • Direct Flash from iOS and Android Smart Phones
  • with Future PAC-UP2 Programming Tool (Avail. Q4 2016)
  • Provides 2 Amp, 12V ACC Output (CAN applications)

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