New VW Audi DSG 01J CVT 09G Benz 722.9 Gearbox Reueling pots Adapter Connector

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VW Audi DSG 01J CVT 09G Benz 722.9 Transmission Reueling pots Adapter Connector


VW Audi DSG Benz Gearbox.


It cooperates with the oil can.

Pressureless gearbox oil change method (gravity fuel adding method ).


The traditional gearbox oil change tool is a pressure type oil change tool, which is not suitable for the new gearbox. To meet the design of the new generation gearbox, our company especially recommends the pressureless oil change tool.
Germany and Japan have introduced new gearboxes in recent years, the gearbox controller is installed inside the gearbox Valvebody, this design reduces many wire sets and connectors which is a new technological innovation and also produces new methods and taboos of replaceing and adding oil to gearbox.


For example: 

1. It is not allowed to replace or add transmission oil when the transmission oil temperature is above 25 ° C, which will cause deformation of the computer and circuit board in the transmission valve body.

2. It is not allowed to use a pressurized oil change tool to replace or add oil, because the high pressure will damage the circuit, the plunger and the solenoid valve outside the gearbox valve.

According to the standards of the car manufacturer, it can be used on CVT DSG ZF and other new gearboxes for Volkswagen Audi Mercedes-Benz BMW Toyota Volvo, the number of models is still increasing.

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