M15 15 Tooth Odometer Gear / Speedometer Cog for Audi Volvo Porsche Mercedes VW

  • $ 29.95

A brand new replacement 15 tooth small gear for your broken VDO odometer.

You can easily get your stopped counters working again!

It is strongly recommended to also change the gear pod, even if it looks right. If it is still the factory original, it will break sooner or later. This part fits a 12, 15, 16 or 17 toothed gear pod (16 mm diameter) that also can be found in our store. 

This odometer gear and pod together can be found in a number of vehicles from around late '80-s and the '90-s.

   diameter: 6.9 mm
   bore: 2 mm
   height: 3.4 mm
   gear thickness: 1.7 mm

Some of these were:
  • Audi 80  86-92
  • Audi 90  88-95
  • Audi 100/200  88-91
  • Audi 100/A6  91-97
  • Lamborghini Diablo
  • Mercedes-Benz  - S (140)  91-99
  • Mercedes-Benz  - SL (129)  89-01
  • Porsche 911-964  89-93
  • Porsche 911-993  94-98
  • Porsche 968  92-95
  • Volvo 850  92-97
The list is incomplete, there might be other vehicles that have this mechanism and gears.
Also, if your vehicle is on the list, that does not mean 100% sure that it has the same gear in it, due to manufacturing variations and aftermarket repairs.
The only way to tell is to pull the odometer apart.

Please always check your existing odometer before ordering!
Compare to our illustration photo.

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