Foxwell NT520 Pro for VW Volkswagen Audi Diagnostic Scanner Tool SRS ABS Reader NT510

  • $ 199.95

 Foxwell NT520 PRO
Multi-System Scanner Tool for Volkswagen/Audi

The Foxwell NT520 PRO scan tool has been developed by the most distinguished experts in the automotive industry. It is the most cost-effective professional scan tool for enthusiasts, independent repair shops, and specialized garages. It allows technicians to deliver OE-level diagnosis on all electronic systems. It has a wide range of capabilities such as code reading/resetting with live data,as well as advanced functions such as actuation, adaptation and programming. In addition, it allows the user to access the most commonly required service features such as oil service light reset, throttle body adjustment, DPF regeneration, battery registration (original capacity and battery type only) and much more.

Features and Benefits:

  • Compatible with VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda sold worldwide from 1996+
  • Compatible with the latest UDS protocol
  • Compatible with global OBDII/EOBD cars, SUVs, minivans,light-duty trucks
  • Works on almost all systems, including engine, airbag, ABS, A/T, instrument cluster and so much more
  • Reads and clear codes and turns off MILs
  • Requests and records live sensor data
  • Provides live data graphing
  • Merges graphs for easy and intuitive diagnosis
  • Displays freeze frame data
  • Performs active tests on vehicle systems and components
  • Performs special functions such as coding, security access, advanced datastream and so much more
  • Retrieves ECU information
  • Supports all 10 OBDII test modes, such as live data, O2 sensor test, component test and more
  • Resets oil service light
  • Sets inspection 1, 2 service interval
  • Sets (non) long life oil service
  • Sets inspection mileage
  • Deactivates and re-activates brake control system
  • Retracts calipers for brake pad replacement
  • Advances calipers after servicing to the original position without   affecting the current calibration
  • Initializes the wear indicator if new pads installed
  • Diagnoses EPB caliper functionality
  • Resets the brake pad thickness after AUDI A8 service
  • Code troubleshooters provide you faster and easier diagnosis
  • Multilingual menu options and code definitions
  • SD memory card for data backup and software update
  • As easy as 1-2-3 with large TFT color screen and menu-driven operations
  • Ergonomic design and ruggedly built for both shop and road tests



1996-2017 VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda vehicles worldwide 

Foxwell NT520 PRO Car Software List :

Notice: Scanner is shipped with the advertised software make, each additional make is $60

1. Ford  ( includes Ford, Lincoln, Mercury vehicles ) 

2. BMW ( includes BMW , MINI , Rolls-Royce vehicles )

3. Chrysler ( includes Chrysler, Dodge , Jeep vehicles )

4. Fiat ( includes Fiat , Alfa , Abarth, Lancia vehicles )

5. GM ( includes Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Saturn, Pontiac, Daewoo, Holden vehicles )

6. Honda ( includes Honda, Acura vehicles )

7. Hyundai ( includes Hyundai , Kia vehicles )

8. Land Rover ( includes Land Rover , Jaguar vehicles )

9. Opel ( includes Opel, Vauxhall vehicles )

10. Toyota ( includes Toyota , Lexus, Scion vehicles )

11. VAG ( includes Volkswagen , Audi , Seat , Skoda ,   Lamborghini , Bentley vehicles )

12. Aston Martin ( includes Aston Martin vehicles )

13. Ferrari ( includes Ferrari vehicles )

14. Maserati ( includes Maserati vehicles )

15. Mazda ( includes Mazda vehicles )

16. Volvo ( includes Volvo vehicles )

17. Porsche ( includes Porsche vehicles )

18. Benz (includes Mercedes, Sprinter, SMART, Maybach vehicles)

19. Renault (includes Renault, Dacia vehicle)

20. PAS (includes Peugeot, Citroen vehicles)

21. AU Ford(includes Australia Ford Vehicles)

22. Holden(includes Holden vehicles)

Package Contents:

  • Foxwell NT520 Scan Tool 

  • OBDII Cable

  • User manual

  • USB Cable (for connecting to a computer)

  • Nylon Carry Case

  • SD Card 

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